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Information about the Corona virus in other languages

On this page you can find basic information about the spread of the novel corona virus. We have gathered information in many languages, please see links and attached documents and film clips below.

Stricter guidelines
From 5 November until 13 December, everyone in Södermanland County are urged to:

  • Refrain from visits to indoor environments such as shops, shopping centres, museums, libraries, swimming pools and gyms. Necessary visits to grocery stores and pharmacies are allowed.
  • Refrain from participating in gatherings such as meetings, concerts, performances, sports training, matches and competitions. However, this does not apply to sports training for children and young people born in 2005 or later.
  • If possible, physical contact with people other than those with whom you live should be avoided. This means, among other things, to refrain from arranging or attending parties and similar social gatherings.
  • Necessary close contact is allowed, for example during healthcare visits and medical examinations. However, anyone with possible Covid-19 symptoms should avoid any close contact with other people.

The decision also includes stricter general advice for businesses such as shops, shopping centres and sports facilities as well as workplaces. Business owners and employers should take action to ensure that visitors and employees are able to follow the general guidelines in the event of a local outbreak of Covid-19.

Please note: The stricter advice may be extended.

Special restrictions

There will be a 8-person limit at public gatherings and events until 13 December.


The Swedish public health government has a large amount of information on how you protect yourself and others from infection on their website, it comes in the following languages; Chinese, Dari, Farsi, Finnish, French, Pashto, Polish, Somali, Spanish, Tigrinyan and German.

Visit the site be klicking here.

The link below will take you to the Swedish Radio website containing news about the corona virus in several different languages.

Swedish Radio news

Please avoid attending parties and gatherings, even with family and friends. See more information in your language below.















Do you have overall questions about the corona virus?

Call the national information number 113 13 or visit krisinformation.se (site in english)

General information:







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