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Flens municipality itself does not provide a translation of the website into other languages, the primary language for the website is Swedish.

If you want to access the information in languages other than Swedish, you as a visitor can use external services to translate the content.

An example of such a service is Google Translate from Google. By you as a visitor using such a function, your visit will be tracked by the external party, for example Google.

Google translate Flens Municipality

Information in other languages

More information in English, Ukrainian and Russian. Information from Swedish authorities – guidance when seeking temporary protection. Also information to parents or adults that look after children – during and after escape.

Filer tillgängliga för nedladdning
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Information-Akademiska-Hospital-Russian.pdf Pdf, 497.1 kB. 497.1 kB 2023-08-31 10.47
Information-Akademiska-Hospital-Ukrainian.pdf Pdf, 500.8 kB. 500.8 kB 2023-08-31 10.47
Information-County Board-English.pdf Pdf, 277.9 kB. 277.9 kB 2023-08-31 10.47
Information-County Board-Russian.pdf Pdf, 330.9 kB. 330.9 kB 2023-08-31 10.47
Information-County Board-Ukrainian.pdf Pdf, 331 kB. 331 kB 2023-08-31 10.47


information in other languages

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